India Business Trade Delegation Invitation

The Burnaby Board of Trade invites you to the incoming multi-sectoral trade delegation led by the Federation of Indian Export Organization (FIEO) for an event at the Stanley Park Pavilion on February 13th.

The delegation of members represents different sectors such as handicrafts, readymade garments, brass and copper religious lamp stands kitchen utensils, non-metallic octane boosters, sleeve bearings, graphite/polymer bushings, thrust washers, bimetal strips, technology, organic and conventional agricultural commodities including, engineering designing, trading, and various coconut products.

FIEO is a trade promotion organization in India set up by the Government of India’s Ministry of Commerce in 1965. The organization is responsible for representing and assisting Indian entrepreneurs and exporters in foreign markets. FIEO is an important link between India’s international trading community and government, financial institutions, and others involved in export trade facilitation.

Date/Time: February 13, 11:30am to 2:00pm
Location: Stanley Park Pavilion

You can register by emailing

India Business Delegation B2B Meeting