Immigrant Employment Council of BC: MentorConnect Program / Connector Program

MentorConnect Program

Established professionals interested in coaching and sharing best practices with skilled immigrants are being recruited for IEC-BC’s mentoring program, MentorConnect.

MentorConnect is a well-established program that brings together skilled immigrants and established professionals in an occupation-specific mentoring relationship. Mentors enhance their leadership and workplace coaching skills while gaining insights into business perspectives from around the globe. The program requires about 24 hours over a four-month period.  Meetings can take place in person, online or over the phone.

Mentors are currently required for these occupations:

  • Financial Managers, Auditors, Investment Analysts and Accountants
  • Engineering – Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical
  • Human Resources
  • Architect and Urban Planners
  • IT – Computer Analysts and Consultants, Network Technicians

To become a mentor, please contact For more information about MentorConnect visit

Connector Program

Connector program seeks working professionals for skilled immigrant referral program

If you’re an engineer, architect or an IT, Human Resources or Finance professional, the Immigrant Employment Council of BC’s  Connector Program is currently recruiting business leaders in these occupations who want to share their industry knowledge and help open doors for job-ready immigrants.

Connector is a simple and effective referral program that helps skilled immigrants build professional networks and connect with job opportunities, while increasing employers’ access to top-tier talent who may not make it in through regular recruiting channels. This award-winning program was created by the Greater Halifax Partnership (GHP) and has expanded to 12 communities across Canada.

Through the Connector program, a job-ready skilled immigrant (connectee) is matched with a working professional (connector) based on industry and professional backgrounds. The connector and connectee meet once to discuss industry backgrounds, skills, areas of expertise, current market demand and potential job opportunities. The connector commits to introducing their connectee to three professionals from their network and then each of those professionals is asked to refer the connectee to three more people.

To become a connector, please contact  For more information about the Connector Program visit