Heritage Burnaby launches new website

Heritage Burnaby

The City of Burnaby is making it easier for residents and visitors to access thousands of historical records, maps and books online with the launch of an updated HeritageBurnaby.ca.

“The history of this community and the people who have lived on this land is a fascinating subject and I’m grateful that we have so many people who are passionate about history in Burnaby,” said Mayor Mike Hurley. “This website features new tools which will make it easy for everyone to learn about our history and how this city came to be.”

The new HeritageBurnaby.ca features a modern design with easily navigable search functions which makes it simple for visitors to comb through the vast catalogue of archives maintained by the City of Burnaby. Visitors will also be able to view the digital book collection online through a flipbook viewer or by downloading a PDF copy of the book.

HeritageBurnaby.ca, the City’s online database for searchable historical records, is also one of the first databases to accurately display the spelling of Indigenous languages and Nation names.

Other new features include:

  • 30 high resolution, zoomable maps with more to be added in the near future
  • Visible and hyperlinked archival hierarchies for all relevant records across the museum and archives
  • Curated collections of historical materials that will change regularly

Learn More: HeritageBurnaby.ca