Grant Thornton releases 2023 Real Estate Outlook report

Grant Thornton 2023 Real Estate Outlook report

Grant Thornton has just released the 2023 Real Estate Outlook report.

The report focuses on the unstable Canadian real estate landscape, which has been influenced by higher interest rates and inflation, and how industry players are adjusting to these changes while keeping an eye out for potential opportunities. The report also covers ESG and trends in residential and industrial asset classes.

As the Canadian economy confronts conditions not seen in decades, the real estate industry is challenged with an uncertain landscape in 2023. Higher interest rates and inflation have continued to increase development costs as real estate owners struggle to keep up with rising supply challenges. Considering these changes, the industry is already responding to meet the needs of developers, property managers, landlords, tenants, and investors.  

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2023 real estate outlook: A year of cautious optimism | Grant Thornton