Give Malawi the gift of sight with an eyeglass frame donation

Reflections Eyewear is offering the gift of sight to Malawi

Malawi is a beautiful country in Africa, nicknamed the “Warm Heart of Africa,” but all is not well there. The country has an 80% blindness rate that runs rampant throughout the country.

It takes a lot of Big hearted people to address this problem. Ophthalmologists, Optometrists, and Opticians, leave their businesses to fly on their expense to help out in their respective professions.

This answers only part of the problem. Together, we can tackle an important part of the equation.

Reflections Eyewear has 12,000 eyeglass frames that with your help can be moved to Malawi this year.

Each frame is to be sold at $25.00. The invoice goes to the buyer and the frames are then shipped to Malawi.

You will be issued a tax receipt for the full amount of the invoice at years end.

If you are interested and have questions, or want to proceed, please call Traff at 604-240-0612 or email at

Go to to see the beautiful, new frames that will give sight to our fellow brothers and sisters.