Fortune House Seafood Restaurant – Making a Difference One ‘Happy Bun’ at a Time

Fortune House Seafood Restaurant has directly impacted the lives of over 20,000 children by providing healthy meals through their partnership with Mealshare and Save the Children Canada.

Mealshare is a Vancouver-based non-profit that partners with local eateries and introduces a “buy one- give one” element to menus where when a customer orders a certain item that has been designated a Mealshare item, proceeds from that item are donated and used to buy a meal for children in need locally and globally- this is where Save the Children Canada comes in. Half of the money raised through partnerships with restaurants like Fortune House Seafood Restaurant goes to local charities to help kids in our own communities and the other half goes to Save the Children Canada, Mealshare’s international partner, to help kids all over the world.

Elaine Cheng, whose family owns Fortune House Seafood Restaurant, spoke with the BurnabyNow and shared how the partnership with this charity not only aligns with her family’s, and in particular her father, Jackie’s, passion for social causes, it has also been the catalyst for higher than ever sales. Fortune House encourages other Burnaby restaurants to get involved and highlights how simple it can be to truly make a difference.

Head on over to Fortune House Seafood Restaurant and try their signature Mealshare item, the “Happy Bun”, a dessert item that is a new version of a tradition Chinese sweet bun!

Thank you Cheng family for what you our doing to support our Burnaby community- we here at the BBOT are proud to have you as members.

Fortune House’s Happy Buns for Mealshare Program. Photograph -BurnabyNow

Fortune House’s Happy Buns for Mealshare Program. Photograph -BurnabyNow