Do You Know What My Name Is? Community Health Event on Dementia

Annually, there are approximately 25, 000 new cases of dementia diagnosed in Canada. Many adult children who face aging parents with dementia will find this event informative and educational to becoming more skilled in handle such circumstances. We will have three exciting parts in our event.

1) An award winning movie : Do You Know What My Name Is?


“Do you know what my name is?” For a year now, asking this question has been my daily task. The people I ask: women who have three times the life experience as I do.

My name is John. I work at nursing home for the elderly in Cleveland, Ohio, where I have been for the past year. With an average age of 80, the residents here spend twilight years in quiet comfort, many living with Alzheimer’s disease.

Still without a cure, Alzheimer’s disease robs its victims of their memory, their pride, and at times even their will to live. But what if simple reading, writing and calculating could counteract some of the effects of this disease?

For example, Evelyn, 94, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease 2 years ago. At first she could not write her own name, and had difficulty communicating, but 4 months into the therapy program, she has rediscovered her interest in knitting.

This documentary follows a research study of a treatment in Cleveland, Ohio. It pursues the answers to what it means to live a happy life, and what may be considered a truly happy conclusion to that life.

2) Brain Activation Program

Every Friday morning, we perform tasks such as rhythmically solving easy arithmetic problems and reading aloud together. Although these may seem simplistic, it has scientifically been proven that such activities are quite effective at revitalizing the brain. Enjoying a conversation and complimenting each other can also help in the prevention of dementia.

We will have a demonstration of this program during the show.

3 ) Health Craft Show

Experts will share their services and products to promote health and wellness of population.

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