Coming Soon: Dageraad Brewing Tasting Room

Exciting changes are on the horizon for BBOT member Dageraad Brewing! Construction is currently underway at the Burnaby-based brewery to convert the industrial unit next door into a 40-seat lounge, which will include balcony seating and two long tables on the main floor. With the hopes of opening the new addition in April, the expansion is a point of much needed good news for the company. Recently, Dageraad suffered sever loses when about 600 dozen bottles of their specialty brew was spoiled in a production accident. Even though this was a massive blow, Dageraad, with some help from the community, persevered and continues to brew award winning beer in Burnaby.

If you haven’t already paid them a visit, Dageraad Brewing is located at 114-3191Thunderbird Cres. near the ProductionWay SkyTrain station.