CME BC, Burnaby Board of Trade partner to celebrate National Manufacturing Month

Manufacturing businesses in Burnaby, the Burnaby Board of Trade, the Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters British Columbia and partners will be celebrating National Manufacturing Month in October.

Industry in Burnaby has come together to raise the profile of the manufacturing sector, educate politicians and the general public on the significant economic contribution manufacturing makes to the province’s economy, to showcase the amazing and unique products companies manufacture in B.C., and to raise awareness amongst students and job-seekers of the well-paying jobs available in the diverse manufacturing sector.

As part of this showcase, on Wednesday October 22nd a number of Burnaby manufacturers will open their doors for an industry tour. This is one of a series of six industry tours sponsored by CME BC and Translink that will give students, job-seekers and anyone interested in innovative technologies in the manufacturing sector the opportunity to visit some of BC’s and indeed Canada’s most vibrant and advanced organizations. The tours are free of charge and open to the public.

Wednesday’s Industry Tour in Burnaby will feature the following itinerary:

 8:15 am – Gather in Council Chambers at Burnaby City Hall for greetings from His Worship, Mayor Derek Corrigan and the reading of the official Manufacturing Month Proclamation

 9:00 am – Departure from Burnaby City Hall

 9:30 am – Williams & White –

 11:00 am – Creation Technologies –

 1:00 pm – Alpha Technologies –

 2:30 pm – Garibaldi Glass –

 4:00 pm – BCIT for a tour –

 5:30 pm – Drop off at Burnaby City Hall

The bus will return to Burnaby City Hall for drop off. For information or to register for this tour CLICK HERE.

As well, a three-year cooperation agreement has been signed between the Burnaby Board of

Trade and the Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters – British Columbia (CME-BC). The two organizations will collaborate to mutually support Burnaby’s manufacturers and exporters. CME will bring its workplace/skills development, and policy advocacy to enhance the competitiveness of Burnaby-based businesses.

“The Burnaby Board of Trade is delighted to announce this partnership with the CME and we are confident that the many manufacturing businesses in our City will greatly benefit from the combined resources of our organizations.” Said Paul Holden, President & CEO of the BBOT. “We will be able to collaborate on a number of initiatives including skills development, advocacy, business education and support for local businesses which will ultimately help organizations in Burnaby achieve greater success.”

“As our tour shows, Burnaby is home to some of BC’s finest manufacturers. We’re pleased to showcase them with our Manufacturing Month Industry Tour and we’re very proud of our partnership with the dynamic Burnaby Board of Trade. We look forward to working together to support and celebrate the excellence of Burnaby’s manufacturers,” added Marcus Ewert-Johns, Vice President of CME BC.

Burnaby Board of Trade and CME BC are proud of this partnership and look forward to continued collaboration in support of the successes of Burnaby manufacturers.