BBOT Releases Burnaby Business Sentiment Report — Big Bend/Glenlyon District

On November 28th, 2017 the Burnaby Board of Trade, the city’s leading business networking, advocacy and economic development organization, undertook a Business Walk to gauge the sentiment of businesses in one of Burnaby’s business districts—the Big Bend-Glenlyon area.

A Business Walk is an economic development and business engagement exercise designed to generate real, on-the-ground information from the business community.  In total, 72 businesses and organizations were interviewed and provided input as part of the Business Walk.  That input was compiled and used to create a Business Sentiment Report for the area, which you can read below.

Overall, nearly all companies surveyed in the Big Bend-Glenlyon district reported business as either good or fair. 72% of businesses are experiencing growth while 21% of businesses are holding steady—declines were noted by only 7% of businesses.   Burnaby’s strategic and convenient location at the center of the region continues to be its biggest strength, with 86% of businesses naming it as an advantage of doing business in Burnaby.   Businesses were also asked to identify obstacles to their individual success and 50% named hiring and retaining employees as their biggest challenge, followed by needing more space (26%), business costs/expenses (25%) and current taxes (22%). Concerns with public transit and with transportation in and out of the area was a common response which was offered by 22% of respondents.

Download a copy of the report here or see below to read the results.


The 2017 Big Bend/Glenlyon Business Walk was supported by:

The Burnaby Board of Trade would like to thank TD for its support of the Business Walk and acknowledges that support for this project does not necessarily imply
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