Burnaby Board of Trade Supports Gondola for Burnaby Mountain; Calls for Building to Greater Capacity

Following a review by its member-driven Government Relations Committee, the Burnaby Board of Trade is voicing its support for the proposed Burnaby Mountain Gondola project, and is in fact suggesting the project be expanded and “built with significantly greater capacity to allow the gondola to serve Burnaby well into the future.

In a letter to Burnaby Mayor and City Council, the Burnaby Board of Trade states that the current number of commuters, coupled with the continued expansion of the campus and the maturation of the UniverCity community, underscores the need for new, innovative transportation infrastructure to support SFU into the future. The Burnaby Board of Trade sees the proposed Burnaby Mountain gondola as the right choice for that infrastructure.

The Burnaby Board of Trade believes that the gondola would be a marked improvement over the current bus-based transportation options, offering faster, safer, greener and more reliable service for the students, faculty residents and visitors who commute to and from Burnaby Mountain.

Read the Burnaby Board of Trade’s letter to Mayor and Council here, and watch the GlobalBC news story on this issue below.

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