Burnaby Board of Trade supports BC Government’s investment in foreign credential recognition


Burnaby, June 26, 2023 – The Burnaby Board of Trade applauds the BC government’s announcement to invest $1.5 million in grants that can help internationally trained professionals get through the credential recognition process.

The Burnaby Board of Trade has been a leading voice advocating for an expedited, efficient process that quickly recognizes the foreign credentials of recent immigrants to the province. At the BC Chamber AGM this month, the Burnaby Board of Trade re-introduced its policy position in support of foreign credential recognition, given the importance of issue to inclusive economic growth, and was successful in keeping foreign credential recognition as part of the BC Chamber’s policy and positions manual.

With ongoing labour shortages, BC own labour market outlook reports show BC businesses will be relying on the many newcomers to our province as immigrants are expected to fill nearly 38% of future job openings. However, many of these newcomers who attracted to our province still find the recognition and appropriate valuation of their foreign professional credentials a problem, which in turn undermines their economic success and holds back our local business communities. This financial investment by the province is one step to ensuring our immigrant population is set up for economic success.

The Burnaby Board of Trade looks forward to reviewing the provincial government ‘What We Heard’ report on their foreign credential recognition engagement process. While financial support is helpful, our internationally trained professionals, along with the businesses that would employ these workers, need a streamlined process that allows them to use their training to support themselves and the province they chose to live in.

Read the full BC Gov news release here.