Burnaby Board of Trade Outlines Local Child Care Priorities for City of Burnaby “Child Care Action Plan”


April 7, 2021 – For many years, the Burnaby Board of Trade has seen child care as not a family issue or a women’s issue, but an economic and workforce issue. The COVID-19 pandemic has made this even more apparent as employers of all sizes and sectors saw workers struggle to remain productive and attached to the workforce while also providing childcare or educational services for their children.

The ongoing availability of childcare, through both private and non-profit childcare providers, will be a pivotal determinant in our economic recovery – if parents continue to struggle to find childcare for their children then they will simply not be available to fully participate in the labour force, serving as a drag on our economic growth.

The City of Burnaby is currently developing its a “Burnaby Child Care Action Plan” to guide City actions in this space, and the Burnaby Board of Trade has reviewed the draft plan and engaged with the the City to draw attention to five areas we want government pay additional attention.

Read our submission to the City here, or view it below.