Burnaby Arts Council Event- Satirical Pop of Colour

Satirical Pop of Colour is a group exhibition that will be held at The Deer Lake Gallery featuring the work of Carla Sumarlidson and Vicki Lynn Rae. Satirical Pop of Colour is hosted and organized by The Burnaby Arts Council. The exhibition will open Saturday December 3rd , 2016 and run until January 14th, 2017.

Satirical Pop of Colour  is a unique combination of vibrant imagery entrenched in fantasy and remembrance. Very different techniques and manner of expression are represented in this exhibition. Sumarlidson’s work is born of her imagination and spontaneously combusted onto the canvas. They are vividly pictorial and surrealistic, born of life experiences from her 40 year career in the arts in Vancouver. Gordon Smith has been quoted saying: “There’s a point where the painting takes on life of its own and you work from there.” Sumarlidson studied at UBC under, among others, Gordon Smith and has been making art for 40 years . Rae’s work is an exploration of origination (South American & Canadian Aboriginal) thematically interrelated from memories and a projection of her spirituality. Her work is a raw self-analysis; it breathes surrealism and is reminiscent of Munch. There is a great deal of symbolism used to render such themes as addiction and recovery.  Rae has studied in Florence, Italy and taken part in the IDEA program a the Capilano University, North Vancouver.

Please join them for the opening reception of Satirical Pop of Colour that will be held December 3, 2016 between 12-4pm at the Deer Lake Gallery.

POSTER - Satirical Pop of Colour


Title of exhibit:  Satirical Pop of Colour

Name of contributing artist(s): Vicki Lynn Rae

Description of show (including mediums used): Mixed Media  

Dates of show: December 3, 2016 to January 14, 2017

Opening: Saturday, December 3, 2016 from 12 to 4 pm

Where: Deer Lake Gallery, 6584 Deer Lake Avenue, Burnaby


Carla Sumarlidson - work1

            Carla Sumarlidson – work1

‘Explosion’ by Vicki Lynn

                                            ‘Explosion’ by Vicki Lynn