Behind the Business Spotlight: 360° Integrative Medical Centre

Thanks to BBOT member and Burnaby business owner Ania Gurynowicz for sharing her “Behind the Business” story of 360° Integrative Medical Centre.


Tell us about who you are and what your business is all about?

I am am Integrative Nutrition Health Coach with a background in psychology and health and wellness enthusiast. I am an entrepreneur, world traveler and a foodie. On top of all of these I am a newcomer to Canada and one that’s extremely curious by nature.

360° Integrative Medical Centre is your ultimate one stop wellness clinic where we provide a wide variety of services from various modalities of medicine. Everything under one roof not only conveniently organised but with a convenient location.

What is the most unique thing about what your organization does?

At 360° Integrative Medical Centre, we strongly believe that our biological health becomes a physical reflection of our biography.

Our mission is to understand the root cause of patient’s illness and address it by integrating a wide variety of modern and traditional medicine as well as complementary practices that help them heal faster and better and on all levels: physical, emotional and spiritual.

360° awakens consciousness and self awareness through education. Our clinic is organized in such way that you can literally spend all day here , or at least a good part of it. We not only practice integration but we encourage our patients to experience it here by exploring all we have to offer. For example, you may combine acupuncture, massages, body exfoliation, sauna and finish off with an IV treatment. Such combination of services allows you to take a break from hectic, stressful world outside, switch off and focus on you and your inner self. You may spend  at least 5 hours here dedicating it to your well-being. The good news is, you most likely have extended insurance to cover most of it, so it doesn’t hurt you financially and that feels like a cherry on top of a cake!

At the end of each month we have an appreciation event where we offer workshops to our patietelle. For example at the end of April we are hosting a workshop dedicated to healthy relationships presented by our clinical psychologist as well as a launch party of our new 360°|SkinCare line.

Another signature of 360° is that we contribute time to our patients. We believe the best customer service treat is CARE. Through  in depth conversations we turn on the most powerful healing tool ‘self discovery’. Once this is accomplished and followed by emotional intelligence, treatments of most complex diseases or issues such as addictions are much more approachable.

How did your organization get started?

My health journey kicked in when I was diagnosed with endometriosis after many years of trials and errors. Healing journey intrigued me as it was then that I understood how important it was to understand the nature and a complexity of an illness as well as its origin. I learned it was a process which can take a long time and which requires proper environment, highly qualified experts and openness.

I remember I have gone to numerous doctors from various fields and modalities  of medicine. I literally can say I tried everything. I experienced so much and learned so much, and that changed my outlook of the illness. I understood that it can be a blessing in disguise hence changing completely the perspective of it.

In 2013 I started the organisation EndoPositive International, a platform and a stage for women who suffer from endo or other autoimmune diseases and published my book Alone in the Crowd in which I share my personal experience on how you can overcome endometriosis and other health issues.  This in turn led me to an invitation to speak at the International Medical Congress on Mind Body, Emotions and Relations and the Treatment of Chronic and Oncological Diseases. It is where I met an amazing doctor, Preeti Agrawal, whose concept of properly arranged healthcare I’ve adopted and transplanted here in Canada. You may say we are a sister project of this already well established integrative medical centre in Poland, where I originally come from.

360° Integrative Medical Centre is an effect of my journey of self discovery and education. Here we are today!

Why Burnaby?

As I mentioned earlier I am a world traveler and I found Burnaby and Vancouver area most diverse of all I have ever seen. This is a cultural phenomena which calls for much attention in many aspects of wellness. We are dealing here with relatively young demographics. Although it is said young generation seems to be more health proactive we find that mental issues are on the raise, insomnia is more common than ever before, addiction to drugs and alcohol are alarming and a combination of several issues at the same time more prevalent than ever before.

Although it may seem extremely challenging, once we manage to help one individual it feels as we have contributed to big part of society. We find Burnaby to be a great hub for those who want to explore health and wellness in the most unique way.

And of course being in the most desired destination of the world makes us quite of a landmark!

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