Behind the Business Spotlight with Michael Henniger and Clayton Giles of Your Wellness At Work

Tell us about who you are and what your business is all about?

Your Wellness at Work is a mobile massage therapy company that brings it’s Registered Massage Therapists directly to your office. Through massage, patient education and appropriate exercises, our goal is to give your staff the tools to not only have a productive work day, but to have a happy and healthy lifestyle as well.

How did your organization get started?

During our time working at massage clinics throughout the lower mainland, Clayton and I started to realize that too many people were letting their health benefits go unused. The most common reason for this was lack of time. We wanted to give people easy access to treatment and by bringing a massage therapist into the workplace, you are not only helping your employees deal with their current pain, you are also preventing people from developing future work related injuries. This helps keep them happy, more productive, and reduces absenteeism which saves companies money overall.

What is the most unique thing about your service?

In one word: Convenience.
We use only highly trained RMT’s who provide private, professional care with a clinic-like atmosphere but with the aspect of convenience so your employees will actually have the time to use their health benefits.

Do you offer anything other than massage therapy?

We typically start our partnerships by providing massage therapy, but as our company has expanded, we have become the only one-stop-shop in corporate health offering an array of different health services. These services include: yoga classes, a nutritionist, a trainer, an ergonomics specialist, a sleep hygienist, various lunch and learn opportunities with health experts, team bonding programs with our professional kickboxing and self defence instructors and much more.

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