BC Gov News: New Societies Act improves transparency and flexibility

The new Societies Act takes effect today, providing British Columbia societies with additional flexibility and offering the public more transparency.

A new online filing system – Societies Online – has been developed, allowing societies to submit and obtain records faster and easier.

The new act is modern and reflects the diverse nature of societies. Highlights include:

  • Electronic filing capabilities through the new Societies Online filing system will reduce red tape by eliminating wait times to complete filings and/or obtain copies of filings.
  • More accountability for societies that receive public funding. The new act requires the disclosure of remuneration paid to directors and to the 10 highest paid employees and contractors earning over $75,000.
  • Streamlined and simplified rules governing societies.
  • Increased flexibility for societies to create, through their bylaws, governance rules that reflect the unique characteristics of each society and the needs of the communities they serve.

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