BC Economic Snapshot – Collective Perspective Survey

In partnership with the BC Chamber of Commerce, the Burnaby Board of Trade is pleased to share with you the annual BC Collective Perspective Survey, they largest annual economic snapshot of BC’s business climate.   This important report outlines how the business community is feeling about doing business in BC, and what key issues and concerns are top of mind for the province’s private sector.

The Collective Perspective Survey has uncovered that business sentiment is softening, and confidence in the BC has declined in half of all businesses, caused largely by the rising costs of doing business in the province.

This Survey helps inform the government advocacy and policy development work of the Burnaby Board of Trade and BC Chamber of Commerce, ensuring we are tackling the issues or most importance to the business community and providing us with needed data to make government sit up and listen.

Click here or on the image below to access the full Collective Perspective Survey.  

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