BBOT’s Women’s Business Success Network makes submission to BC Securities Commission about Women on Boards

On behalf of its Women’s Business Success Network (WBSN), the Burnaby Board of Trade has made a formal submission to the BC Securities Commission regarding ways to encourage and support more women serving on corporate boards.  The letter to the BC Securities Commission can be read here or seen below.

The Burnaby Board of Trade and its WBSN have been leaders in making the business case for getting more gender diversity in boardrooms across the country, as there is empirical evidence that companies with greater inclusion of women on their boards perform better by a host of financial measures.

The Burnaby Board of Trade’s submission to the BC Securities Commission was based on its 2017 policy position on encouraging women to serve on corporate boards—the full policy can be accessed here—which focused on targeted governance and regulatory changes to ensure board recruitment practices are broadened to include more women in the consideration stage.  The Burnaby Board of Trade’s targeted approach would provide companies with a greater pool of candidates to choose from without dictating how the final board appointment is made.

For more information on the Burnaby Board of Trade’s Women’s Business Success Network, click here.