BBOT’s Position to Stop Employer Health Tax Endorsed by BC Chamber of Commerce

At the 66th annual general meeting of the BC Chamber of Commerce this weekend,  the Burnaby Board of Trade’s (BBOT) policy position on the Employer Health Tax was endorsed by delegates and will be adopted as official policy of the provincial chamber.

Representatives from chambers of commerce and boards of trade from across BC attended the AGM and voted to adopt the BBOT’s position calling for the Employer Health Tax to be cancelled, and proposing 4 fixes should it still go ahead.

The BBOT’s position calls for the new payroll tax to be only implemented once MSP premiums have been fully removed, it calls for the exemption threshold for small business to be increased and indexed to inflation, and calls for the tax to be marginal, applied only on the incremental amount above the threshold.

The BBOT has presented its policy to Finance Minister Carol James, Attorney General David Eby, and the four government MLAs in Burnaby.

Click here to see the BBOT’s 4-point plan to oppose and fix the Employer Health Tax