BBOT Recommendations for BC Recovery and Restart; Calls for an “Orientation to Yes” in Government

COVID-19 Updates & Resources

The Burnaby Board of Trade has encouraged the provincial government to to consider and embrace new mindsets and new actions that will serve to support our economy, our communities, and ultimately our workers and families in the months and years ahead, as part of a submission to the BC Recovery and Restart Consultations.

The Burnaby Board of Trade’s submission includes a two-part focus:

  • embracing a general “orientation to yes” in government
  • funding direct, tangible, hands-on supports for small businesses

First, during COVID-19 governments at all levels have moved faster than ever before, have acted on files long considered dormant, and have been willing to revisit positions that were no longer tenable. This is a positive development that the Burnaby Board of Trade hopes will continue.
There is no reason this more nimble and responsive model of government cannot persist beyond COVID-19 and we urge the government to embrace this “orientation to yes.”

Second, we recommend the provincial government focus its $1.5 billion in recovery funding, and future programs as well, on delivering more direct, tangible, hands-on supports for small businesses.  Specifically, the Burnaby Board of Trade recommends the province fund and support:

  • locally-developed and delivered business support programs that aid local businesses with resources, guides and advice
  • retention of existing childcare spaces, expansion of new spaces, and the streamlining and incentivization of of employer-based childcare
  •  programs to help businesses with digital transformation and technology adoption
  • locally-delivered programs that will seek to support new businesses with hands-on coaching, mentorship, and guide-posting to resources that encourages the next generation of business owners and entrepreneurs

Read the Burnaby Board of Trade’s full submission below or click here to view the letter.