BBOT Launches Professional Development Series

BBOTlogo_tagline_GThe Burnaby Board of Trade is excited to offer a new professional development program to provide high-quality training on important business subjects. Each event in this series will provide members will access to industry-leading business educators right here in Burnaby and at a special BBOT-price.

Going beyond our traditional seminar offerings, these professional development courses will provide real, hands-on training on a variety of business topics and will provide attendees with skills and knowledge which they can apply immediately in their business and career. These intensive, full-day courses will deliver real value and tangible results for attendees.

The first BBOT Professional Development Session will be held on April 7th, 2016 and will focus on sales skills and getting better results from your sales process. This event will be a concentrated, full-day course that will provide interactive learning and illustrate real-life applications of the skills discussed.

Our “Growing Your Sales” course will identify some of the greatest barriers to sales success faced by businesses and sales professionals and will provide insights and training on how to overcome them. This course is specially designed to provide value to sales and marketing professionals, business development managers, and business owners/presidents.

For more information on this first BBOT Professional Development course, click here to view the event page