BBOT Launches New Business Resource Guide

The Burnaby Board of Trade (BBOT) has launched a Business Resource Guide for new businesses which curates useful tips, templates, how-to’s and walkthroughs in a single location in an effort to try and make the process of starting a new business a bit easier for Burnaby entrepreneurs.

The Business Resource Guide is available online as a navigable part of the BBOT’s own website, as well as in downloadable pdf and printed form, and is divided into nine sections based on the life-cycle of a new business: research, prepare, register, finance, locate, market, hire, expand and exit.  Each section offers connections to unique information relevant to small business owners, from databases and statistics, to government forms and applications.

“As part of our mission of ‘making business better,’ we thought it would be useful to bring together in one spot a variety of small business resources that are currently spread across several locations,” said Paul Holden, BBOT President & CEO. “This guide will continue to expand and be updated with new information and connections to helpful resources over time, and we hope it helps alleviate some of the confusion that can be experienced when starting a business.”

The BBOT’s Business Resource Guide is available online at or the pdf version is viewable/downloadable at