BBOT Celebrates Small Business Week with “Cookie Walk”

In honour of Small Business Week which kicked off October 17th,  the BBOT team took to the streets armed with locally made cookies from Valley Bakery to drop by and personally thank our small businesses for choosing Burnaby to grow their business. Dubbed the “Cookie Walk” the BBOT visited businesses in the Heights, Edmonds, Henning Drive and Kensington neighbourhoods.

There’s good reason to celebrate our community’s small business community.  B.C.’s entrepreneurs and small business owners work hard to grow their businesses, and in the process they strengthen their communities, create jobs and expand the provincial economy. Small businesses are also one of the main reasons British Columbia leads the country in economic growth. They represent 98% of businesses in B.C. and span many sectors – from technology to guide outfitters, retail to natural resources, agriculture to our emerging aerospace industry. All of these types of small businesses contribute to exporting $12.9 billion worth of made-in-B.C. products and expertise all around the world.

In addition to supporting B.C.’s economy, small businesses also help make up the social hub of neighbourhoods throughout the province. Many provide opportunities for young people and new British Columbians to enter the workforce, while others champion causes to give to those in need, or sponsor local sports and cultural programs.

Here’s to the small businesses in our community. Thank YOU for choosing to do business in Burnaby!