BBOT Boosts Bio-Manufacturing, EV Sectors with Federal Policy Action


BBOT Boosts Bio-Manufacturing, EV Sectors with Federal Policy Action

This past weekend, 400 delegates from across the country met in Calgary for the Canadian Chamber of Commerce’s annual conference, and the Burnaby Board of Trade successfully advocated for two targeted policy positions that will support building-out the bio-manufacturing sector in Burnaby and Canada, as well as supporting the EV sector through better battery recycling capacities.

The champion for Burnaby business, the BBOT actively advocates and lobbies the government for things our businesses need to succeed. These two policies would drive strategic investments for two key sectors for Burnaby – life sciences and green tech.

The first policy identifies a gap in the existing efforts to build out Canada’s bio-manufacturing capacity for things like vaccines, tests and therapies, and ensures we are investing in building out the full supply chain, so Canada can domestically produce the constituent ingredients for these vital medical items and products.

Our second policy notes the growth in electric vehicle sales, and the challenges with having industry capacity for EV battery replacement and end-of-life recycling. As BC continues to lead the country in EV adoption, and with Burnaby representing a hub for green tech innovations, this policy will help ensure we can continue the shift to EVs in a sustainable and economic way.

These two policy positions were endorsed by the conference delegates and will now become official policy positions of the Canadian Chamber, which will take them to Ottawa and amplify the BBOT’s advocacy on this work.

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