BBOT Applauds Transportation Vision

Burnaby, BC The Mayors’ Council release of the Regional Transportation Investments: A Vision for Metro Vancouver, outlined a 30 year vision and identified the first ten years of transportation investment priorities for Metro Vancouver.

As a member of the Moving in a Livable Region consortium, the Burnaby Board of Trade is pleased to see a regional focus was taken when crafting this vision and strategy. Long term regional transportation investments are necessary to relieve the region of increased congestion. Metro Vancouver has grown from 1.7 to 2.4 million people in the last twenty years with an anticipated increase by 2041 to one million more residents and an additional 600,000 jobs.

Paul Holden, BBOT President and CEO says, “The Mayors’ Council Plan outlines a transportation vision for the region which will strengthen economic benefits from both a regional and global perspective. The efficient movement of people, goods and services is vital for sustainable economic growth.”

The Mayors’ Council Investment Plan calls for:

  • A new tolled four-lane Pattullo Bridge
  • New Light Rail Transit Lines in Surrey, one of the region’s fastest growing areas
  • Broadway corridor Millennium Line extension to Arbutus in Vancouver
  • 11 new B line routes
  • 50 per cent more Sea Bus service
  • 30 per cent increase in HandyDart service
  • Fleet expansion and system upgrades to meet growing demand: West Coast Express, Canada Line, Expo Line and Millennium Line
  • A 25 per cent bus service increase resulting in more frequent service to more areas across the region
  • Maintaining and upgrading 2300 kilometers of Major Road Network

The BBOT looks forward to seeing the Mayors’ Council and Translink engage with senior levels of government in order to secure the permanent, long-term funding needed to make investments like these a reality.