BBOT Policy Initiatives Adopted by the BC Chamber of Commerce


The Burnaby Board of Trade regularly advocates on issues important to our membership via our social, environmental, and economic development committees, and through other targeted initiatives.

This weekend Cory Redekop (Manager-Policy and Events) and Paul Holden (President & CEO) attended the BC Chamber of Commerce AGM in Victoria where they had the opportunity to put forward two policy proposals developed and approved by our BBOT committees and board and will help create a stronger, more robust business community.

In the first policy, the BBOT argues for encouraging and supporting more women on corporate boards. The BBOT makes the business case that companies which include women on their boards and in senior positions have greater financial returns and perform better, and the policy suggests some very targeted ways to encourage companies to consider more women for said positions.

In the second policy the BBOT took aim at CASL – Canada’s Anti Spam Legislation—calling for its amendment and replacement. These anti-spam regulations have had a chilling effect on digital communication and hamper businesses with incredible amounts of administration and recordkeeping requirements. The BBOT is advocating to remove many of the onerous restrictions currently placed on business by this legislation, making it easier and safer to prospect for clients and promote your business online.

The BBOT is pleased to announce that these two policies were adopted at the AGM and will now become formal provincial policy and further advocated on by the BC Chamber of Commerce.

You can find more details on these and other policy initiatives on our advocacy page.

Delegates voting for BBOT policy during the plenary session of the recent BC Chamber of Commerce AGM