20% off Advertising in the 2018-2019 BCIT Student Handbook/Agenda

The handbook acts as a guide to BCIT, a calendar, a project organizer, listing of events, and an opportunity for you to inform students about products and services. The student handbook is the premier source of campus information for students. It is with students every day, on campus, and at home. The 11,000 copies are distributed annually as a service for students at all five of our Lower Mainland campuses, including Burnaby, Downtown Vancouver, Great Northern Way (Vancouver), Marine (North Vancouver), and Aerospace (Richmond). This is a perfect opportunity to get consistent brand recognition, recruitment and reinforcement throughout the year products/services. Here is a link to our Media Kit as a reference for our Student Handbook/Agenda (page 9) as well as other mediums of exposure at BCIT. Please let me know if you are interested in participating in this years Student Handbook or any other promotional opportunities. We’re offering BBOT members a special 20% discount. Please reference this ad to receive the promo.
Contact: Lili Motaghedi,
Account Coordinator, BCIT Student Association
604.453.4072 (office) • 604.724.0008 (mobile) • 604.434.3809 (fax) • lmotaghedi@bcitsa.ca