Burnaby Board of Trade Working to Improve Transportation and Traffic

Transportation is a fundamental driver of our economy, impacting how goods get to market, how employees get to work, and how services are provided to customers.

The Burnaby Board of Trade is working hard to represent the interests of businesses and our members during the City of Burnaby’s development of a new Burnaby Transportation Plan.

The BBOT has submitted 22 broad recommendations to improve traffic and transportation in our city, which were developed in consultation with our members through a dedicated business task force.

These recommendations focus on improving the flow of traffic and maximizing the efficiency of our transportation network to ensure the continued movement of goods, services and people, especially in light of the expected increase in population and vehicle use over the coming years.

The recommendations focus on ways to improve public transportation, increase the capacity of our road network, and improve efficiency of all aspects of transportation, including:

  • Building new North-South roads to address a lack of capacity
  • Adopting new technologies (such using as real-time traffic flow data) and traffic design measures (such as roundabouts or pedestrian scrambles) to increase traffic flow
  • Creating more “Complete Communities” that accommodate population growth but limit need for commuting through expanding gentle density
  • Creating more curbside parking spaces for goods delivery
  • Protecting parking for businesses and in commercial districts
  • Supporting the Burnaby Mountain Gondola project
  • Investing in safe, comfortable and inexpensive public transit
  • Creating more delivery lockers and commercial spaces at public transit hubs to limit household deliveries

The full submission can be read by clicking here, or viewing below.