“Waste to Wonder”, the largest exhibit in the world of flip flop art, opens at Metropolis at Metrotown

BBOT member, Metropolis at Metrotown is hosting a one-of-a-kind art exhibit transforming flip flop pollution into life-size animal sculptures. Can an environmental hazard be transformed into something positive — even beautiful? That’s the goal of Waste to Wonder, an awe-inspiring art exhibit being displayed in the Grand Court of Metropolis at Metrotown, from August 8 to September 8. The Waste to Wonder exhibit consists of five life-size sculptures of Canadian at-risk wildlife (the narwhal, orca, bison, grizzly, and caribou), each of them made from recycled flip flops. More than 6,500 flip flops in total were used to make the sculptures, requiring 2,500+ hours of work by more than two dozen artists.

Waste to Wonder
August 8 – September 8, 2019
Metropolis at Metrotown (4700 Kingsway, Burnaby)
Open daily during regular mall hours:
Monday to Saturday, 10am – 9pm
Sunday and holidays, 10am – 7pm