Vaccination Plan Sped Up; Workers in Various Industries to Receive Vaccines Starting in April


March 18, 2020  — The provincial government has announced that the COVID-19 Immunization Plan has been sped up, and that all adults will have access to vaccines by the end of June.

In addition, starting in April various ‘front-line priority’ workers will be provided expedited access to COVID-19 vaccines in an effort to mitigate spread in higher-risk sectors.

The vaccines will be administered through a combination of pharmacists, existing immunization clinics, and mobile clinics at some worksites.

Booking arrangements for front-line workers will be established in the coming weeks and will be communicated clearly and directly to each sector to arrange bookings. Workers identified as “front-line” and prioritized should not call into regional health authority call centres at this time.

The workers identified as ‘front-line priority’ for this process include:

  • first responders (police, firefighters, emergency transport);
  • K-12 educational staff;
  • child care staff;
  • grocery store workers;
  • postal workers;
  • bylaw and quarantine officers;
  • manufacturing workers;
  • wholesale/warehousing employees;
  • staff living in congregate housing at places such as ski hills;
  • correctional facilities staff; and
  • cross-border transport staff.

Visit the province’s Immunization Plan website.