Burnaby Board of Trade Supports “Our Restaurants” Campaign

Burnaby – August, 31, 2020 – More than 60 per cent of Canada’s restaurants risk having to close their doors permanently by November, according to government data, and that’s why the Burnaby Board of Trade is joining the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in the OurRestaurants.ca campaign, and sharing our #BuyLocalBuyBurnaby directory of local businesses that are open safely, including restaurants, to help consumers find local businesses to support.

The Canadian Survey on Business Conditions (CSBC), produced by Statistics Canada with support from the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, found that 29% of accommodation and food service businesses cannot operate at all with social distancing measures in effect. A further 31% will only able to remain operational for up to 90 days with distancing measures in effect. In other words, up to 60% of the industry could fail within three months.

These figures are even more troubling when you consider the jobs already lost. When COVID hit, 83% of businesses in the accommodation and food services industries temporarily closed and two-thirds were forced to lay off some staff, including almost a quarter that were forced to lay off all their staff.  According to Restaurants Canada, the food service industry lost 800,000 jobs.

While the economy is now slowly beginning to recover, to date the federal government has not offered help tailored to the needs of the hardest hit industries like food services, which will take a long time to recover. That’s why, with the support of the Burnaby Board of Trade, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce and 15 food service businesses, representing more than 60 brands, has launched the ‘Our Restaurants’ campaign.

“We need to act now. Across Canada, our restaurants are where we meet for business or pleasure, where we got our first job and where our families spend a night out. Simply put, our restaurants are cornerstones in our communities,” said Hon. Perrin Beatty, President and CEO of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce. “The ‘Our Restaurants’ campaign underscores the urgent need for Canadians – both the public and our governments – to come together to support these businesses in their time of need.”

The campaign puts a spotlight on the current situation faced by Canada’s restaurants amidst COVID-19: high costs, fewer customers, and government programs ill-equipped for the unique, long-term challenges faced by the industry.

“We can all make a difference. Canadians need to observe safety measures while also starting to resume our normal lives, including being able to go out for a meal. Everyone also needs to remind their elected representatives of the importance of our restaurants in our lives,” concluded Beatty.

The campaign is national, bilingual, includes paid advertising, and the launch of the website OurRestaurants.ca (NosRestaurants.ca in French).

Additional Quotes:

“The restaurant sector is not only a key economic driver  within our economy but they are also the cornerstone of how we bring our communities together. During this difficult time the “Our Restaurant” campaign highlights the urgent need to support this industry.”

-Paul Holden
President and CEO
The Burnaby Board of Trade 

“Through the ‘Our Restaurants’ campaign Boston Pizza stands with our fellow competitors big and small in highlighting the critical and urgent support needed to sustain the restaurant industry and the many Canadians it employs through the debilitating impacts of the pandemic.”

– Jim Treliving
Chairman and Founder
Boston Pizza


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Cory Redekop
Director, Policy and Stakeholder Relations
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