TB Vets: Holiday Gifting, with a Purpose!

TB Vets

Our charitable foundation has been tirelessly working to support respiratory care in BC since 1946. Over the years we have raised millions of dollars through our Key Tag Program, and funded ventilators and other vital respiratory equipment for hospitals and healthcare centres across the province.

This year we are launching Holiday gifting, with a purpose! in partnership with three BC businesses: gift packages of useful self-care items for our donors and friends. We wanted to offer something practical and locally made, so our packages consist of hand sanitizer, a face mask, a tote, and a water bottle. I invite you to support this new TB Vets initiative because your donation will not only help us arm the medical frontline heroes in BC, but will also:

  • support local businesses;
  • provide employment to people with mental health disabilities in our community;
  • reduce the amount of synthetic fabric going to the landfill; and
  • reduce plastic waste in the oceans.

Please have a look at the wonderful items that we’ve sourced from our local partners. I hope you will consider one of the packages for yourself or as a gift to your family and friends. Together we can do so much more!

Holiday gifting, with a purpose!