TB Vets 50/50 Gift of Breath – Beyond COVID-19

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TB Vets has launched its first online 50-50 raffle to raise more funds for ventilators for BC hospitals!

Just breathing can be a luxury at times. COVID-19 patients need urgent care, premature babies require ventilators, adults with lung conditions need continuous help, and trauma patients rely on respiratory assistance. A ventilator costs approximately $50,000, and each one will help close to 2,000 patients per year.

Your ticket will help us provide a ventilator to four more BC hospital foundations this year, supporting patients of all ages in Northern BC, the Interior, on Vancouver Island and in Lower Mainland.

Please buy a ticket and help us get ventilators to where they are most needed – together we can achieve so much more!

TB Vets 50/50 Gift of Breath – Beyond COVID-19

Thank you for supporting our mission and all the patients who need our help.