Small Business Week: Welcome Networks

SlickPieWe all share the same 24hrs. We share it with some really successful people – like Jim Pattison and Chip Wilson! But how are they making more money than most of us?


These people have introduced tools in their business that automate all the routine tasks and those tasks are delegated to other people so that they can pay their attention to the revenue generators. Stop wasting time with small and simple tasks that can add up to hours of your valuable day with a smart, easy to use bookkeeping software like SlickPie.

SlickPie is a double-entry online accounting software that minimizes the manual tasks through features of automation. Streamline your business decisions by getting a quick report on the health of your business! A major concern of lawyers, accountants and bookkeepers is whether the financial data is in Canada or not. Because of this, we are the first online accounting software that ensures their client’s data is kept in Canada! We are in the tech industry and we love leveraging it to improve our lifestyle. Every day we are focused on making your accounting faster, better and smarter.