Small Business Week: Quejos Ancient Foods Inc.

QuejosQuejos Ancient Foods Inc. is a Burnaby business that has roots, literally and figuratively that go back between 5,000 and 10,000 years! The dough that our food is based on originated in South America so long ago it’s not known exactly when. What is known is that it’s made from the root vegetable Manioc, a native South American plant commonly known as Cassava in the rest of the world, and Manioc Bread powered the Inca Empire. The dough is by nature gluten free but also grain free, preservative free, uses no yeast and no sugar. In short, once protein and fibre is added or eaten along side it’s one of the most healthy and complete forms of food in the world! I’m new to the food business and loving everything about it. I appreciate the support of the BBOT, very happy we joined and excited to reconnect with my old friend Paul Holden, we share some history…sadly, nothing overly exciting or worthy of a You Tube post.