Small Business Week: PLC Electronic Solutions Ltd.

PLC_ElectronicPLC Electronic Solutions is a Robotics systems manufacturer that is heavily involved in the Aerospace and Motion Picture Industries.

In our Robotics division, we develop robotic systems for long range wireless camera control for movies such as the new Star Trek, Mad Max, X-Men, Deapool, Fantastic 4, James Bond, Transformers, Harry Potter, and Pirates of the Caribbean. Recently for the movie Mad Max we developed a long range wireless system to control the cameras from up to 10 km away from helicopters and chase vehicles racing through the Namib Desert in Namibia. We also service and modify robotic cameras for NHL, CFL, and Curling nationally.

In our Calibration division, we are an ISO-17025 accredited calibration laboratory that services/re-certifies electronic testing equipment for many of the large airlines, aerospace companies and electronics contract manufacturers not only in the Lower Mainland, but internationally as well. We specialize in Radar and Instrument Landing Systems test equipment.

Our newest venture is to expand into the Medical Devices field. We are currently collaborating with the UBC School of Medicine on a research project involving neural stimulation using an MRI machine and a custom pulse controller that we are developing.
Being located in Burnaby, provides us with a central location and easy access to local airports and various film sets across the Lower Mainland to service our many customers. We find that Burnaby contains a strong hub of technology companies that share our passion in advancing the technology sector.