Small Business Week: Aquilon Software

Aquilon SM Sketch

Aquilon Software: Helping Business Improve Efficiency and Fuel Growth

We have always admired how manufacturers and distributors add value to our economy. That sense of mystery behind how a product is designed and built or distributed intrigues us. Regardless of what the product is, a machined part for an engine, a pre-hung door, or a hex pin screw, it is the underlying efficiency of the systems that really matter. Our business is about increasing efficiency and fuelling growth.

Our business: we design, develop and implement Integrated Business Software (aka. ERP) for small to mid-sized businesses, particularly light manufacturing and wholesale distribution. Our goal is to help improve efficiency and increase profitability with software that is reliable and easy to use. For us, it’s important that our software is continuously improved upon, so that your needs will always be met, without worry.

Factoid: outside of understanding our industry (our founder is an accountant with an in depth knowledge of manufacturing and supply chain), we fully understand our customers unique Canadian needs: value added taxes, Canadian Payroll, and Canadian banking systems.

Burnaby is a fantastic place to work. It’s central (you can be anywhere within 45) and we can’t say enough about the business community, it’s really great.