Small Business Taskforce Releases Report, Includes Many BBOT Recommendations

The Small Business Taskforce has released its report on how government can better support small businesses, and the Burnaby Board of Trade (BBOT) is pleased to see so many of its own recommendations adopted by the Taskforce.

In mid-2018, the provincial government launched the Small Business Taskforce which conducted engagements around BC and developed a report on ways government can improve the strength and success of BC’s small businesses.

The BBOT engaged directly with the Small Business Taskforce on behalf of our members and the broader business community, making 9 direct recommendations.  Click here to read the BBOT’s submission to the task force.

Highlights of the Taskforce’s report include:

  • Revisiting and amending the Employer Health Tax
  • Revising the provincial sales tax and providing more input tax credits for business purchases
  • Lessening the impact and unpredictability of future minimum wage increases
  • Supporting labour attraction and retention
  • Making government programs more accessible to small businesses

To read the full report from the Small Business Taskforce, click here or view it below: