Share Your Perspective on Climate Preparedness and Adaptation

The Burnaby Board of Trade will be responding to a Government of BC consultation on developing a climate preparedness and adaptation strategy to help ensure that our business community can prepare for a changing climate.

Across B.C. and beyond we’ve seen record wildfires, extreme weather, increased drought and more frequent flooding. These examples of the impacts of a changing climate can have effects on our businesses and residents, and the government needs to understand what’s at risk and what can be done to be prepared.

To help develop our response to this consultation, the BBOT is bringing together a task force comprised of local business members to share their perspectives and priorities. An we want to hear from you too! We want to know how the changing climate is affecting you and what you think needs to be done to prepare for climate change in your community and across the province.

Have recent water restrictions squeezed your business? Is greater flood damage making your insurance premiums rise?  Are changing growing seasons impacting your supply chain?

Share your thoughts and perspectives with the BBOT and help shape our policy response to government.  Contact Cory Redekop at or 604 412 0100 with your input.