ExploPlaza Latina: The Sustainable Road to Prosperity in Latin America

ExpoPlaza Latina in partnership with GLOBE invites you to The Sustainable Road to Prosperity in Latin America, a niche-market seminar that will take place on March 1st, 2016 at Pan Pacific Hotel, Crystal pavilion, Vancouver, BC. Thanks to the strategic partnership with GLOBE 2016, organizations can take advantage of the benefits offered by these two remarkable events happening sequentially in the same week.

This seminar will feature keynote speakers’ presentations about sustainable practices and the clean tech sector, followed by a business networking session with BC government representatives and Latin American consular officials. Register to meet experts and professionals interested in sustainable solutions.

The plenary session will run from 2:00 p.m. to 4:30 pm, followed by a business make-matching cocktail. We have a special offer for corporates: 5 tickets for only $200 (Regular price $50/ticket) and for additional $26 (Regular price $40/ticket), you can also attend the Globe Trade Fair.

As a Member of Burnaby Board of Trade you can take 15% off by using this promo code EPLSBBT

For more information, access the promo code or buy tickets, please go to ExpoPlaza Latina’s website at www.expoplazalatina.ca  or email epl_logistics@latincouver.ca

Join the conversation. Become an agent of change. Don’t miss ExpoPlaza Latina!