Reboot Plus Program – Helping Youth Explore Career Paths

The Burnaby Board of Trade is pleased to be a part of the Reboot Plus Program, which aims to help young people explore and develop their career paths.  The Reboot Plus Program is looking for professionals willing to give 30 – 60 minutes of their time to provide career insights and ideas to young people exploring and developing their career plans.

This innovative program is designed for youth 17 to 24 who have not finished or are not on track to graduate high school. This first-of-its-kind program in Canada will help these youth re-engage in both education and career development.

How You Can Participate

Among other things, the program looks to connect student participants with business professionals to have an informational interview where they can ask questions and explore what different businesses and careers are really like.

These meetings will last for 30 to 60 minutes, and the student will help guide the discussion to help them learn about different career paths they may wish to pursue.  Following the interview, the Program team will follow-up with the professional to obtain any feedback you may have on the youth participant and on the process.

Where possible, the Program hopes that professionals will encourage other contacts in your network to participate in the project, or potentially refer the student directly to others who can provide further informational interviews. Ideally, each interview will lead to at least two further contacts per participant.

Want to Help Out?  Want More Info?

Read more about the Reboot Plus Program here or below, and contact the Burnaby Board of Trade for any questions or to volunteer to participate!

Jocelyn Huber
Burnaby Board of Trade /  604 412 0100