Province Announces New Travel Restrictions During COVID-19


April 23, 2021 – In light of continuing transmission of COVID-19, from April 23 to May 25 the province is using powers under the Emergency Program Act to restrict travel between three regional zones of the province:

  • Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley (Fraser Health and Coastal Health regions);
  • Vancouver Island (Island Health region); and
  • Northern/Interior (Interior Health and Northern Health regions).

This order restricts travel to within one’s own zone.  Moving from one zone to another is prohibited.  The government is also encouraging individuals to remain as close to their own community, even within a zone, as possible.    Full information is available here. 

The province will be empowering law enforcement to conduct check points on certain highways and and at ferry terminals to enforce travel restrictions.

This order does NOT apply to travel for one of the following exception:

  • carrying out a work-related purpose, including volunteer work;
  • moving to a different principal residence or assisting a person to move for that purpose;
  • commercially transporting goods;
  • receiving health-care services or social services or assisting someone to receive those services;
  • attending court;
  • complying with a court order;
  • spending parenting time with a minor child;
  • accessing child care;
  • attending classes or receiving training at a post-secondary institution or school;
  • responding to an emergency or a critical incident, including incidents that involve search and rescue operations;
  • providing care or assistance to a person who requires care or assistance because of:
    • a psychological, behavioural or health condition; or
    • a physical, cognitive or mental impairment.
  • visiting by an essential visitor as provided in the guidance of the Ministry of Health set out in a document titled Ministry of Health – Overview of Visitors in Long-Term Care and Seniors’ Assisted Living that was in effect on April 1, 2021;
  • attending a funeral service;
  • travelling under the authority of a variance of an order issued by the provincial health officer under the Public Health Act if the variance was made before this section comes into force;
  • travelling by residents of the local health areas of Bella Coola Valley or Central Coast to Port Hardy to obtain essential goods and supplies;
  • travelling by residents of the local health area of Hope to Chilliwack to obtain essential goods and supplies;
  • travelling by residents of the Nisga’a Health Authority region into the Northern-Interior Health Authority region; and/or
  • returning to one’s own principal residence.