Overcome Barriers to Climate Action – BBOT Members receive 20% off this SFU Online Course

Strategic Dialogue and Engagement for Climate Adaptation
8 weeks | Online | Begins April 6 | SFU Continuing Studies

The new United Nations climate report warns the world must adapt now to climate change or face deadly consequences. “Adaptation saves lives,” said UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres upon the report’s release. “As climate impacts worsen—and they will—scaling up investments will be essential for survival.”

How can you move your own community or organization towards action? There’s still time to register for our climate adaptation course beginning next month:

Strategic Dialogue and Engagement for Climate Adaptation CLM720
Begins April 6 | 8 weeks | online

Designed for planners, engineers, elected officials, community leaders and other professionals involved in climate adaptation work, the course will guide you in engaging stakeholders, building collaborative partnerships and embedding climate adaptation strategies into organizational priorities.

About the instructor:
Olive Dempsey is an experienced facilitator, process designer, engagement strategist and coach with an MA in environmental education and communication. She’ll be joined in this course by guest speakers from several relevant fields, such as climate science, communications, engineering, planning and water management.

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