Join MetroTech Connect to Learn How Saying “No” and Financial Literacy Can Drive Business Success


Prioritization and financial awareness are both very important for growth and success of a business.

Come join us at MetroTech Connect and learn from two speakers on how to become successful! Our two topics for the event are:

— Presentation 1 —
Focus & Time Management: How saying NO is a virtue, not a taboo
Speaker: Floyd Sijmons
Do you keep having to devote all your time to putting out fires without being able to really build? Or are you overwhelmed by the amount of to dos, features and new things you need to add to your company, and you just can’t find the time to finish?
Well, good news: you are not alone! Prioritization is what will set you apart from competition and determine your success.
This session will give the analytical framework to help you stick to your goals, evaluate your to dos, and prioritize them accordingly.
At the end, you’ll walk away with a clear frame of mind that will help you filter through the mountain of work & uncertainty, giving you concrete handholds to supercharge your company’s growth.

— Presentation 2 —
A National Campaign for Financial Literacy
Speaker: Ramon Gahob, Jr.
Without any basic understanding, the consumer may go through a lack of planning and support over their lifetime about making the right decisions, which can lead to financial insecurity and illiteracy.
Learn from Ramon how the National Campaign for Financial Literacy solves this with an aim to educate 1 million families financially all over North America by 2020.


Floyd Sijmons
CEO, Founder, and Business Mentor
While finishing up his Msc. in Strategic Management, Floyd fell, by accident, into an internship in Amsterdam at what was to quickly become the fastest growing company in the history of the world: Groupon.
Within 10 months and several steps in between he was promoted to Head of Deal Quality for 48 countries, lived in 6 countries in the next 2.5 years and had every interim executive position from Head of Sales Ops, Revenue Management, Sales, and even unofficial interim-CEO all over Europe, Russia, and even in South Africa.
It didn’t end there; the next position would be CEO for a financial platform in Malaysia, after which he grew Helping Netherlands to be the most profitable, 2nd largest, and fastest growing entity of the group.
Last year he 10x an Android app in the US within 10 months, growing it to significant profitability with minimal investment.
Having a Rocket Internet background, growth and execution are in his bones. His personal philosophy is that this is only achieved by focus & selective prioritization, while empowering the people you work with to get ahead faster than any competitor.

Ramon Gahob, Jr.
Financial Education Campaigner
Ramon was studying at FDU when an old friend from back in the Philippines reached out and invited him over to a financial class teaching how to save for your future. This intrigued him, but decided to carry on, and completed his Master in Administrative Science in late 2017.
Upon graduation, the challenge of finding gainful employment, add to the fact that he had been working 2 to 3 jobs at once even as a student, was becoming too much to handle.
He reached out to his old friend again in 2018, and learned that the same workshop he once attended had changed families all over North America through financial education.
He later left his other jobs to keep one job full time, and joined the campaign.
Initially it was to learn for himself how money works. From there he saw the campaign with a meaningful sense of purpose, and has now become part of a movement to educate and build a new industry based on applied knowledge and empowering families to have solid financial futures.

5:30 pm – Networking & Pizza
6:10 pm – Opening
6:20 pm – Presentation #1 – Floyd (40 min)
7:00 pm – Presentation #2 – Ramon (40 min)
7:40 pm – General Discussion/Networking
8:00 pm – Wrap-up