Information Technology / Communications / Wireless

Learn more about a few featured businesses in this sector that call Burnaby home:

TELUS is Canada’s fastest-growing national telecommunications company, with $11.8 billion of annual revenue and 13.5 million customer connections, including 8.0 million wireless subscribers, 3.2 million wireline network access lines, 1.45 million Internet subscribers and 888,000 TELUS TV customers. TELUS provides a wide range of communications products and services, including wireless, data, Internet protocol (IP), voice, television, entertainment and video, and is Canada’s largest healthcare IT provider.

Alpha Technologies
With almost four decades of industry leadership in POWER, Alpha Technologies has established itself as the preeminent total power solutions provider and one stop shop for AC, DC and renewable powering solutions for Telecom and Cable Television Networks, Traffic, Industrial and alternative Energy industries. Alpha’s products provide the trusted power behind large switching and data centers, mobile cell sites, broadband networks, traffic and critical communications systems, and many more.

Our multidimensional knowledge of our customers allows us to understand powering needs better than anyone else and to quickly design and deliver solutions specifically tailored to solve unique powering challenges. With multiple options for standardized and custom system integration, Alpha has the ability to provide the ideal solution for virtually any power and site installation.

IBM has been in operation in Canada for over 100 years and since 1914 in British Columbia. IBM employs over 400,000 people worldwide, and its offerings within its Software and Systems and Technology groups are complemented by the services provided by IBM’s Global Technology and Global Business Services divisions. Today, we employ more than 850 people in BC, with offices in Burnaby, Vancouver and Victoria, and employees working in Nanaimo, Kamloops and Prince George. IBM in BC is home to a number of national and international business missions, recognizing the deep skills and industry expertise of our local employees.

Creation Technologies
Creation Technologies is an award-winning global Electronics Manufacturing Services provider delivering exceptional fulfillment, manufacturing and product design solutions to its OEM customers. Creation provides end-to-end, customized and scalable EMS solutions that enable global OEMs to deliver maximum impact across the entire value chain.

Creation is proud to partner with Fortune 500s and emerging leaders in the Industrial & Instrumentation, Medical, Communications & Wireless, Computing & Media, Transportation, Defense, Security & Aerospace and Energy & Environmental industries.

Founded and headquartered in Burnaby, BC since 1991, Creation has 10 manufacturing facilities, 2 Design Centers, 2 Rapid Prototyping Centers and a Global Materials Sourcing Group in 4 countries. 500 of its 2,700 people are employed in Burnaby, and moved into a new state-of-the-art, custom-built 100,000 sq ft facilitiy in the summer of 2015.

D-Wave Systems
D-Wave Systems is the world’s first commercial quantum computing company. Its mission is to integrate new discoveries in physics, engineering, manufacturing, and computer science into breakthrough approaches to computation to solve some of the most challenging technical, commercial, scientific, and national defense problems. D-Wave is working with leading organizations on a wide range of very computationally-intensive applications in diverse fields such as systems design and validation, healthcare, mission planning, financial analysis, global logistics and defense and intelligence. D-Wave quantum computers are being used by world-class organizations including Lockheed-Martin, Google, NASA, and USC. To learn more please visit

Traction on Demand
Traction on Demand is a cloud consulting and software development firm with unparalleled expertise in using the platform to transform business processes. Traction bends cloud-based technologies to enhance sales, marketing, customer support, data and operations offerings. This is done to make people more efficient, eliminate redundancy and ultimately increase our customer’s bottom line.

At its heart, Traction is a group of passionate individuals working towards common goals. The company operates on a human-to-human level with the objective of making people’s lives easier, ultimately providing them with more time to play.

Traction is one of the first 100 certified B Corporations in Canada and one of the top 50 software development firms in BC. In 2014, Traction was named the 3rd best workplace in Canada.

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