Industry Minister James Moore Discusses Economic Action Plan 2014 at the BBOT

Highlights initiatives to protect Canadian families while investing in innovation and research

February 17, 2014 – Burnaby, British Columbia – Office of the Minister of Industry

Industry Minister and Minister Responsible for British Columbia James Moore today addressed members of the Burnaby Board of Trade as he continued his post-budget engagement with British Columbians to highlight Economic Action Plan 2014 (EAP 2014) and what it means for jobs and growth across the province. Minister Moore highlighted measures that will help Canadian businesses, families, and communities prosper while keeping taxes low.

British Columbia is a key economic driver of Canada’s economy. Economic Action Plan 2014 supports growth in key sectors of B.C.’s economy, including investing in infrastructure and transportation, increasing technology and competiveness in the forestry industry, supporting mineral exploration, and making improvements to Canada’s National Parks and trails. EAP 2014 will also connect British Columbians with jobs and focus on creating the conditions for business to succeed through low taxes and red tape reduction. British Columbia will also receive significant support through major federal transfers in 2014-15.

Minister Moore also emphasized the government’s commitment to The New Building Canada Plan, the longest and largest infrastructure initiative in Canadian history. This funding is predictable and reliable and gives provinces, territories and municipalities more flexibility than ever to address their priorities, including support that will ensure small communities have stable, long-term and unprecedented access to funding for vital infrastructure projects. Economic Action Plan 2014 is focused on what matters most to Canadians – jobs and growth. Minister Moore underlined that no new taxes for business and families are contained in EAP 2014.

Quick Facts

  • The government has lowered the federal corporate income tax rate to 15 percent to help create jobs and economic growth for Canadian families and communities.
  • Over 1 million net new jobs have been created in Canada since the end of the recession. This is by far the strongest job growth in the entire G7 over this period. Canadians have also enjoyed the strongest income growth in the G7.
  • With EAP 2014, the Government is continuing to pursue the objectives of job creation and economic growth that have underpinned the Economic Action Plan since its inception in 2009, while remaining on track for balanced budgets in 2015–16.