Governments of Canada and British Columbia Promote Sales of B.C. Food Overseas through Export-Ready Business Catalogue

With B.C. food exports reaching $3.5 billion in 2015, their highest numbers yet, the provincial and federal governments are doing more to support this lucrative industry. The support comes in the shape of an Export-Ready Business Catalogue that is expected to build upon the almost 20% growth since 2014. Three of our BBOT members are included in the catalogue, namely Everland Natural Foods, Earth’s Own Food Company, and Hanka Quality Foods along with approximately 100 other B.C. producers in the food industry, such as fruit and vegetable producers, beverage makers and of course, seafood producers. This guide to B.C.’s agri-food and seafood sector includes company profiles with information such as their products, current export markets and those that they are aiming to enter. To disseminate this valuable guide, it will be made available in multiple languages, online and at various trade offices and shows.

Growing Forward 2 funded the creation of the Export-Ready Business Catalogue. This federal-provincial-territorial initiative provides a $3-billion investment over five years in innovation, competitiveness and market development.

Outside of the catalogue, the B.C. Government is helping the industry through creating prosperous relationships with 13 international trade offices and missions around the world. Both the B.C. and Canadian governments deliver a $4.3 million program in matching funds to support the industry in areas such as participation at international trade shows, promotional events, incoming and outgoing trade missions, and to develop marketing materials for international audiences.


Image Credit: BC Gov News

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