Burnaby, BC – G&F Financial Group, a community credit union in BC has donated a total of $80,000 to a number of organizations in the Lower Mainland. The funds were distributed during the holiday season as a show of gratitude for local community organizations.

The year 2020 presented unimaginable challenges for our communities. Health and safety restrictions that were put in place to help protect people had unfortunate effects on many community groups and people who depend on networks of support. Among the hardest hit are the non-profit organizations who rely solely on donations and fundraising activities—both of which came to a halt earlier in the year.

For 80 years, G&F Financial Group has invested in what we value most: our members, partners, employees and community. In celebration of 80 years as a local community credit union, G&F made the decision to give back $80,000 to those in need.

“These donations will help the people who need it most, and they are given in honour of the selfless peopleinour communitywhogivetheirtime,anddedicatetheirlives,tohelpingothers,”sayBillKiss and Jeff Shewfelt, Co-CEOs, G&F Financial Group

G&F distributed $60,000 to local food banks, shelters, and hospitals, which were among some of the hardest hit by the impacts of the pandemic. The credit union also donated $20,000 to four charitable organizations chosen by employees and the public through social media voting.

The funds were distributed as follows:

 AutismBC
o AutismBC empowers, supports, and connects the autism community in BC.

 NightShift Street Ministries
o NightShift provides outreach, counselling, education and a vision for transitional housing.

 Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Centre Society
o The society provides programs in health and welfare, social services, human rights, culture,education, recreation and equality for all genders of Aboriginal People of all age groups.

 Dixon Society

o The Dixon Society provides shelter, guidance and hope for women and children fleeing violence.

G&F is proud to be able to support these important organizations and thanks them for the tireless work they do in strengthening our communities. We are grateful for all front line workers, volunteers and community leaders and the important work they do.

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