Economic Indicators

Walkway OverpassCity Finances

The City of Burnaby is in a very strong fiscal position, being one of the few debt-free cities in British Columbia and ended 2013 with a $100 million surplus.

The City’s long-term financial strength is illustrated by the City’s Capital and Operating Reserve Fund which contains over $600 million. This reserve generates non-taxation revenue for the City (in the form of interest income. In 2013, the reserve fund returned an annual yield of 4.64% and generate income of $38 million.

Visit the City of Burnaby’s Financial Reports page for annual financial reports, plans and forecasts.

Value of Building Permits issues

Building permit values for 2013 were $674 million, the second-highest in the City’s history. The following reports have been compiled by the Burnaby Building Department to track the total construction value of building projects in Burnaby by month and by year-to-date:

Tabulation Reports

Value of Building Permits Issued

Number of Building Permits Issued

Development in the City

Burnaby is undergoing a great amount of development as more and more recognize the value of its central location and quality of life.

For a list of current and past development reports from the City of Burnaby click here.